World Lion Day: Lions in London Zoo Celebrate in Style [Photos]


As the world marks World London day, lions in London Zoo’s are celebrating in style, boxing and biting colorful balls stuffed with the big-cat equivalent of catnip.

The pride showed off their play skills ahead of World Lion Day on Friday, battering the balls painted with vibrant colors inspired by the Indian State of Gujarat, home to the Asiatic lions, AP writes.

This comes as the Zoological Society of London, which runs the zoo, is working on conservation efforts for the endangered Asiatic lions, to bolster numbers.

According to ZSL’s Mark Habben, the balls encourage lions “to use their incredible sense of smell to track it through their territory before using their sharp claws to tear into it – acting as a natural manicure for our lionesses.”

Here are more photos from the big cats’ party…

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