Why Ronaldo dumped Real Madrid for Juventus


Tax was another of the reasons for the deterioration in the relationship between Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. According to reports, the player accepted tax fraud charges in the middle of June, to avoid going to trial. That meant the striker paying some 18.8 million euros of taxes, fines and interest. The player was keen to renegotiate his salary such that the club would cover the amount, something Real Madrid refused to do, although they did make apparently him an offer of 25 million euros plus 7.5 million in incentives, which wasn’t in the end enough.

Conversations between Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid and Juventus had been intensifying over the past few weeks, reports our own Manu Sainz, but it was on 4 July that Jorge Mendes, the player’s agent was told the Real Madrid’s conditions for the sale, which allowed the deal to actually go through. Cristiano and Juventus had already reached personal terms some times before that, with the player agreeing a 30 million a year salary, after tax. (The top tax rate in Italy is 43%, so Juve will paying around 53 million euros a year for Cristiano’s salary cost, plus social security etc.).

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