Why Mercy Johnson Deleted Husband’s Pictures From Her Instagram Page


Social media rumor went viral few days ago about a possible crash of Mercy Johnson’s marriage, right after the actress deleted almost all her pictures on Instagram; an indication which spurred rumors that there was trouble in the actresses home.

But Mercy Johnson speaking exclusively with NET dispelled the rumors and described them as evil rumors from bloggers.

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“I usually delete all the pictures on my page from time to time and this time around, I didn’t just delete my husband’s pictures, I deleted photos of me and my children. In fact, my husband is in shock at the drama emanating from social media.”

“We had a photo shoot and of course you know the new year swag na, so I said to delete the old pictures I had which is what I do normally, na im e backfire oooo.”

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While assuring her fans to stop fretting as her marriage is still intact, she continued

“I will still celebrate 10 years with my S3zy Odi by God’s grace and I appreciate all my fans for expressing their concern over the issue. God bless you all” She said.

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