Toyin Lawani Slams Folks Telling Her to Remarry: ‘Leave My Life the F-ck Alone!’

toyin lawani blasts bloggers
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Toyin Lawani has unleashed a tirade on folks who are currently dragging her over the comments she made about marriage.

Drama started after the famous stylist appeared on Linda Ikeji’s show where she shared her opinion on marriage and why she chooses to remain single.

“I don’t believe in marriage anymore because I feel marriage is a subject people take too serious. It is a serious institution but I feel everybody deserves to be happy but you don’t need marriage to define happiness,” said the mum of two.

The statement sparked major controversy. Folks dragged the stylists for filth, with many making references to her failed relationship with the fathers of her children.

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But Toyin Lawani has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind. Last night, she posted this long letter, insisting that people, (especially women) need to stop allowing themselves get hassled into marriage:

Next, she shared the latest vitriol in which she dragged the various ‘riffraffs’ carrying her matter on their heads.

“I don’t give 10 ffffs about Your opinions, they don’t pay the Bills,” she said. She then revealed a vital information: that she has a new man whose identity she will never reveal.

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I’m wise enough to hide my man from social media, at least if it doesn’t work out, they won’t have the pleasure to know,” she continued, adding, “People nowadays feed on other people’s sorrow.”

And she said more. But one thing is clear: Toyin Lawani will never share details about her personal life anymore.

Read her full note:

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