[PICS] Check Out The 2013 Winner of Miss Bum Bum contest and Other Contestants In Brazil


article-2507274-1968DFC100000578-787_634x422.jpg SIRKENAYOLOL, Miss Bumbum? Really???!! Anyways, 25 year old Brazilian model Dai Macedo from the central state of Goia beat 26 other contestants to win the 2013 Miss Bum Bum contest which is quite popular in Brazil.

Dai impressed judges with her 42in derrière and went home with 5,000 reais ($2,100). She will also make a lot of money in advertising contracts. You would expect the butt that won her the contest to be 100% natural but it’s not.

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“It isn’t 100% natural. I had a butt lift. I always had a large backside but liposuction improved it,’ Dai said.

Check out her contenders also, but in Naija here these kinda bums aint SHII.. article-2507274-1968E10A00000578-5_634x422.jpg SIRKENAYO article-2507274-1968E05100000578-787_306x423.jpg SIRKENAYO article-2507274-1969FD5300000578-616_306x423.jpg SIRKENAYO article-2507274-1969FE5800000578-966_306x423.jpg SIRKENAYO


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