Omoni Oboli – “They won’t watch your movie but they’ll take a selfie”


Omoni Oboli in her recent write-up has revealed Nigerians are stubborn and won’t watch Nollywood movies at the cinemas.image

The actress said those kind of people would not watch her movies but still want to take pictures with her.

She said;

“Some people really don’t know how to talk or they just feel like they don’t care. Sometimes, people say stuff like ‘I don’t watch Nollywood films.’ ‘Why should I pay to see your film?’ ‘How can I come to the cinema to watch home video?’
I’m like ‘it’s not home video, there’s a difference.’ There are some made for cinema Nigerian movies and there are home video movies. So, if you’re watching it in the cinema, it’s a made for cinema Nigerian film.
It’s quite difficult convincing some people. Some people have their minds made up, there’s nothing you’re going to say to them. They won’t watch your movie. Some of those people, after not watching your film, will want to take a picture with you.”

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