Nigerian Senate confirms its Members receive ₦13.5m Monthly apart From Salaries


The Nigerian Senate has confirmed that its members do receive the sum of ₦13.5 million monthly designated as “running cost” separate from the approved monthly salaries, Premium Times reports.

Senator representing Kaduna Central District Shehu Sani had previously revealed senators receive the sum, separate from their monthly salaries and constituency fund.

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The sum is said to be illegal as it is not approved by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

Spokesperson of the Senate, Aliyu Abdullahi, confirmed the sum, saying it is stated in the National Assembly budget released to the public.

Sani “did not disclose anything new,” Abdullahi said, adding that all political offices receive running costs separate from their salaries. He said:

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If people had looked critically at the budget of the National Assembly which has since been made public, they would have seen that various line items like traveling, medicals, consultancy and the rest were captured in the budget and they were the funds divided for each Senator’s use.

Almost all holders of elective and appointive offices have running costs allocated to their offices and that cannot be said to be part of their salaries.

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Premium Times reports however that the budget had no subhead for office running cost.

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