Nicki Minaj Makes Peace With Quavo, Begs Her Fans to Stop ‘Torturing Him’


Quavo is back in Nicki Minaj’s good books.

Recall that their drama started last December, after the visuals for Motorsport dropped and rumours started making rounds that Nicki didn’t want to shoot with Cardi. Nicki tried to dismiss the accusation, but matter was made worse when Cardi gave a shady interview, saying that Nicki changed her verse in the song after she, Cardi, submitted hers.

The comment added to the fire of the hate parade against Nicki; she was painted as the bad person who didn’t want the younger one to shine, and sadly Quavo(who originally collaborated with Nicki on the song), did nothing to quell the hate campaign. In fact, Nicki said on Thursday, that when she contacted Quavo and asked him to go on social media and defend her, the rapper refused, saying he would only do that if she were his girl.

This revelation got many Barbz upset, because they hopped on Twitter and Instagram and trolled the heck out of Quavo.

However, the two rappers have finally made peace; Nicki has just shared a video of herself and Quavo in her studio. Watch the clip below.

Plus, she also took to Twitter to beg her fans to quit trolling the Migos rapper.

“He apologized. Y’all can stop torturing him now. The Generous Queen FORGIVES. When he told me what y’all were doing in them comments I fell TF out. Love you guys tho. For LIFE,” she told her fans.

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