My Fiancee Doesn’t Like Sex, I’m Facing Huge Problem With Her, What Should I Do?


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Hi guys, my fiancee & I have been together for years now & preparation is on for our wedding later this year, the relationship has been fantastic, but there is this very big ‘BUT’ about my fiancee, & as a matter of fact she sees it as nothing or no issue at all, but this Same thing is giving me real headache & sleepless nights because i really do love her & i do know for sure that i cannot cope with it.

The problem now is my fiancee has a very low sex drive, she is not in any way interested in sex at all, it’s not as if i love sex too much but at least I enjoy sex as every other human being should, so her lack of interest in sex is a very big issue for me, I have talked to her about it & tried everything within my reach to solve the problem but all to no avail because she is seeing it as no biggie.

Please guys what else can i do to increase her libido? Because that’s the only thing I see as solution.

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