Married Man Gets Stuck Inside Landlady During Intercourse


Following of spate of scenarios which has seen cheating couples get stuck inside each other during intercourse, we have another one for the file.

A Kenyan couple were the latest to find themselves in this compromising situation which happened in a hotel room on Friday, 8 June, 2018.

The incident occurred at Baraka Hotel in the Kitale area of Kenya.


The cheating couple were shouting for help when they were caught in a compromising situation.

The man’s wife had disclosed to police that she suspected her landlady who reportedly went missing every time her husband went to Kitale for business appointments.

Her suspicion was aroused and she confronted her husband about it, he promptly denied it and brushed it off.

In a bid to get solutions, the wife decided to enlist the services of a witch doctor and set a trap for her husband the next time he decided to cheat.

The Husband was none the wiser about this development and when it was time to ‘travel’ to Kitale again on a trip, he went again with his mistress, the landlady and they got stuck.

The management of the hotel were compelled to contact the police who in turn hurriedly came to carry the ‘couple’ to the police station and the man’s wife then arrived moments later.

Check out the video below.

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