Margaritaville to Reopen in Biloxi


Fans of Margaritaville can rejoice. The Mississippi Gaming Commission has approved plans to reopen the Biloxi House’s own Margaritaville Casino and restaurant. The casino was shuttered some time back, but it is now going to reopen in the next couple of years. Approval for the plans occurred on June 21st, so gambling enthusiasts will have to wait a while to see the historic venue open back up, but Biloxi House promises it will be worth the wait.

The plan is to not let this new casino hurt the income and business of the other casinos in the town. A careful balance has to be struck, since gambling businesses are difficult to open in the US and are only found in few cities across the nation. When one is shuttered like Margaritaville was, that is big news, and it is equally big news for one to reopen.

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Gamblers in the United States often skirt their own laws to have access to internet gambling, so when places like Margaritaville open back up and make gambling more accessible to the public, it makes waves through the industry. The United States has long been notoriously strict on gambling laws, even severely limiting online gambling in most areas of the country. There are really only a few cities in the country where gambling is allowed, such as Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Biloxi. These places are known for their casinos probably more than anything else, which says a lot about the state of gambling in the United States.

The scheme for the Margaritaville casino could not move forward without the Gaming Commission’s approval. Now that it has been, the developer is looking to spend around $200 million to develop the property and turn it into a high end casino and destination attraction for the area by the end of 2021. The property is on the waterfront, allowing for great views and some riverside activities to make it a hotspot for those in the region.

Back in 2014, the original Biloxi venue had to close down. The owner stated that they want to reopen it as something that is even bigger and better. They have plans to add an extension onto the place, including a 20,000 square foot deck as well as about 15,000 extra square feet of gaming space. The detailed plans also include a 300-room hotel next door, purported to be adjacent to the casino. Biloxi House LLC owns 12 acres of land in the city and plans to make the most of it with their hotel and gambling house. All of this is located in Biloxi’s Back Bay area close to the Golden Nugget Biloxi.

The developer is planning to do even more, making their site the home to some unique tourist attractions, but they haven’t unveiled plans for all of it just yet. They will be revealing those plans at a later date, after they have started construction. Their construction on the project should begin shortly, now that they have the necessary approvals to move ahead with the plans.

There are currently nine casinos in the area, but the Biloxi House company is not attempting to take any of the existing market away from them. They want to create a unique space that attracts its own clientele and that make the area a destination spot for people all over the country and even the world. Their plan is to add unique attractions that would bring in people who would not normally come to the area and to build their own customer base rather than to cannibalize an existing customer base that belongs to nearby casinos. Their target market is nontraditional gamers.

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