Man Narrates How He Was Sexually Abused As A Child And How It Made Him Gay


A Twitter user has narrated the story of a sexual abuse victim which he said was sent to him to share on his timeline.

The troubling tale details how the victim began suffering sexual abuse by older women and how it has left him damaged as an adult. He said the sexual acts performed on him by older women left to mind him have made him develop certain unhealthy sexual urges. He also says he suspects he’s become gay after years of having his anus tampered with.

This story is one every parent and intending parent should read to be more vigilant.

Read below;
“My aunt’s friend used to touch my penis when I was 9 and she did other things to me. So she would watch me when my aunt went to work and what not… she started coming into the bathroom after my shower and would say she needs to help me dry off and I was like okay

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I didn’t really think much of it. She would make me lay on the bed naked and air dry. So after a few times of doing that, she made a comment of me having a decent size penis for my age. And all of a sudden she started sucking on me

Yeah…my penis wasn’t even big but she put it in her mouth. I didn’t know what to do then. I’d lay there and she would say things like, ‘I love this little penis in my mouth; imma get this little thing hard’

I didn’t know it was wrong at the time

I just went with it. This happened at least once a week for a few months. Then she let her friend come over a couple times as well..and her friend who was a female asked to see me naked so my sitter made me get nude in front of her.

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Then she let her friend come over a couple times as well..and her friend who was a female asked to see me naked so my sitter made me get nude in front of her. She let her friend watch me get sucked on

I was uneasy about it..i felt like something was off about it

But I didn’t know what to do..didnt want to tell because I thought I would get in trouble. She let her friend watch me get sucked on. I was suffering from withdrawal.

I was horny all the time at a very young age
I was yearning for older women to see me naked after that

I couldn’t help my urges after that

I was masturbating at like 10 years old

Her friend who watched me get sucked on also joined in…she would make me take my socks off and run her fingers through my toes…she would ask to see my asshole and would touch on my asshole

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..her friend also would play with my asshole. After a few times it stopped hurting …i had no idea women licked asshole before then. My sitter would suck me while the friend would suck and play with my asshole…i would think maybe I was gay also after that.

I started trying to play with my own ass. I had the urge to ask someone to play with my ass and everything and I was like 12. When I was younger, I would try to have older women see me nude…would purposely leave my door open…a bunch of things

I used to masturbate while fingering my ass when I was younger and everything. I didn’t understand until I was older how much that affected me. I remember when I was 12 i would masturbate when my aunt was babysitting me and I would do it with the door open in hopes she’d see me”

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