‘I Discovered My Father Was A Billionaire With Private Jets And Yacht When I Turned 15’ – Bobby Misner Reveals (Photos)


The son of a billionaire entrepreneur who was kicked out of one of the world’s most prestigious schools has spoken out about his life of ‘fast cars, beautiful women and parties’.

Bobby Misner is the son of Tom Misner, founder of the SAE Institute music school. He grew up with his mother in a single-parent household after his parents divorced.

Bobby said it wasn’t until he turned 15 that he realised his father was a billionaire businessman with private jets, super-yachts and mansions in some of the world’s most desirable locations.

Tom Misner sold the SAE Group in 2010 for $300million and his son moved to Europe to live with him, something that ‘changed his life forever’.

‘My dad started getting a lot of nice things,’ Bobby said in a YouTube video titled ‘Life of a Billionaire’s Son’.

‘Your life is like a movie and you’re the main character so why wouldn’t you make it the greatest movie you’ve ever seen?’

Calling himself a ‘little bit of a misfit kid’ and ‘the kid who has everything’, Bobby said because his father was absent from the home he misbehaved as a child.

‘Bobby likes to live life fast – fast cars, beautiful girls, parties,’ he said. ‘My life hasn’t always been like this. I was born in Australia, and I was raised by a single mum.

‘She always saw me as a perfect child, so I got away with a lot more than I should have.

‘This meant that I had to move to a lot of different schools, 10 to be exact. I didn’t grow up rich, I didn’t grow up poor, I was fairly average and I didn’t know my dad had a lot of money until I turned 15.

Bobby said he disliked being labelled as a ‘spoiled brat’ because his family was wealthy.
‘Yes, my dad has a private jet, and I love flying in it.

Yes my dad has a mansion and cars, and I love making videos with them, who wouldn’t?’ he said.

’But I have never pretended that those things were something that I earned and I recognise that my dad is the one who worked hard for them.

‘This is why I have the ambition to work hard enough to achieve a successful life of my own, and break the stereotype of all rich kids being lazy, spoiled and relying on their trust funds.’

Bobby is now working as a filmmaker and has started his own fashion brand, as well as uploading videos to his YouTube channel.

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