Best Face Forward: Simple Selfie Secrets of the Stars


Best Face Forward: Simple Selfie Secrets of the Stars


You never see a bad celeb selfie, do you? They’re always perfect, like they have a cameraman and makeup artist on-call 24/7. Unless we’re talking about Kim Kardashian, most celebrities aren’t professionals at selfies. Here’s how they pull off the perfect pic without trying to hard and how you can too.


How To Get The Angle Just Right


If you don’t get the angle just right, it doesn’t matter what else you do to doctor up the photo. You won’t look good. According to the pros, you need to have good lighting and the right angle. Keep the phone or mobile device as far away from you as possible.


Not only does this allow you to get as many people in the shot as possible, it lets you get the perfect lens angle and keeps the shot from looking like an extreme, but awkward, closeup.


If your lens has any scratches on it, this will obviously affect the quality of your photos. So, the best photos will start with a high-quality mobile camera. Clean the lens off before taking a shot. Also, close down any other apps that are running so nothing interferes with the camera app.


All good photos start with good raw footage. So, make sure you have the background you want to see in the photo, the people you want in the photo are in “tight,” and the lens and camera itself are up to the job.

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Next, find your best angle with a few test shots. You will probably have to play around with it for a bit to get the best angle.


Some people look better from the side, the top, or bottom. For most people, shooting down on the face will produce the best shot. Assuming you’re shooting from above, angle the camera lens down slightly. This has the effect of making you look smaller, which tends to look more attractive (especially if you’re a female).


When the camera is pointing up, you can look larger, and wider. This might be a good look for guys, but not necessarily because it can also distort the image in unflattering ways. For side shots, make sure you’re framing yourself properly. Use the classic “rule of thirds.” It always works – even with selfies.


Once you get a few test shots, you can tweak the exact angle to your liking.


The Filters


Filters are the second-biggest secret to getting the perfect selfie. In a perfect world, the lens would capture the light perfectly, and the light itself would be perfect. In the real world, there are exactly two times during the day when the sun is at the right angle for the perfect shot: dawn and dusk. And, if you’re not outside at those times, you’re just not going to get that epic selfie…


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…without filters.


A filter changes the way the photo looks. They act as an overlay on the photo and can make the photo look dramatically different. Hues can be applied to photos, lines darkened or lightened, and colors washed out completely.


  • Sutro – Sutro is the new dieting app. This filter is used by stars to help them look thinner. It does this by creating burned edges and increasing shadows. This, in turn, helps to create angles and a more shapely (and in-shape) body.


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  • Mayfair – Mayfair creates Classic Selfies. When Taylor Swift uses the Mayfair filter, she gets 49% more “likes” on those Instagram photos. The filter softens your face and gives you a classic look that’s popular on social media sites. As long as you get the angle of the photo right, you will look absolutely amazing.


  • Rise – Rise is a great way to even out your complexion and add a yellow hue to your photos. It’s great when you want to add warmth to your photos. Ideally, this filter would be applied on overcast days when you want the color from the sun but can’t get it.


  • Willow – Willow is a monochrome filter used a lot by Justin Bieber. It lets him wash out the color in his photos and give fans a classic black and white photo. If you want that old-timey feel in your photos, you want this filter.


  • Xpro2 – xPro2 is a newer filter is great for vintage shots. It creates dark lines and can really emphasize your body shape. But, don’t be afraid of it if you’re not a supermodel. This filter can also give you a slimmer look because of the way it applies contrast in photos.
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So now there is little to separate you from the celebs when it comes to taking selfies. Get snapping! is a fresh new fashion blog by Elmo Viajes. Viajes was born and raised in Moreno Valley, California where he quickly developed a knack for pop culture and fashion. He know resides in Westwood with his dog Coco, and when he’s not working the runway, he’s busy blogging about selfies, fashion, and more.

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