Saturday 21st of April 2018
Barack and Michelle Obama Reveal That ‘The Wifi Doesn’t Work At the...

Barack and Michelle Obama Reveal That ‘The Wifi Doesn’t Work At the White House’


In their first live interview together President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama had one major complaint about their tenure in the White House – the WiFi- Daily Mail wrote.

While speaking to CBS’s Gayle King on Sunday, the Obamas also discussed their life post-presidency. King asked the couple if they had any advice for the incoming first family, asking if ‘the water pressure good? Is there WiFi? Does the toilet run in the Lincoln bedroom?’

‘You know that whole tech thing, we’ve been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks,’ Obama answered. ‘This is an old building so there’s a lot of dead spots where the WiFi doesn’t work.’

Michelle jumped in to say that their teenage daughters are ‘just irritated’ by the WiFi issues at their home. Later in the interview, King pulled out a touching photo of the Obamas at their first inauguration in January 2009 and asked what they were both thinking at the time of the photo.

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The photo depicts the couple standing in an elevator embracing.

‘At the first inauguration we had something like 10 balls we went to and Michelle was in heels the whole time, so I think she was thinking, “My feet really hurt,”‘ Barack joked.

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‘I’m sure I was thinking, “I’m so proud of you,”‘ Michelle said.

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