6 Things You Mistakenly Do That Makes Him Think You Don’t like Him


Instead of going to vigil praying and complaining to God that no man is looking at you, have you considered working on yourself. Though you might genuinely want a man to toast you, your body language and behavior might be sending him away.


1. YOUR TONE IS NEGATIVE: You’ve been at this dating thing for so long with no success that you come off as bitter, or you feel like you deserve more. Maybe you’re not as confident as you were when you started your search for love and in your recent encounters it shows in your tone. Avoid self-loathing, or rehashing bad dates (also known as complaining) about your dating life with new people. Listen to what you say to your dates and what you’re saying to yourself. Scan for negativity and leave it at the door.


2. USING THE WRONG WORDS..OR NEGATIVES: Using words like “have to”, “right now”, “never”, and “can’t” when it applies to circumstances in life and reaching your goal vs. being in a relationship convey that you’re not ready or open to a relationship.

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3. YOU HAVE RESTING BITCH FACE: I know, I know. You’ve been told you have resting [email protected] face. You’ve accepted it into your life. Smiling isn’t really your thing. But hey, when you don’t smile, you give the impression that you’re not having a good time. So smile. Make yourself uncomfortable by how much you are smiling. Smiling is inviting. If it’s not coming naturally to you, think about a joke that always makes you laugh no matter what — or that time you couldn’t stop laughing uncontrollably. Channel that energy into your date.


4. NOT BEING SPECIFIC WHEN ANSWERING QUESTIONS: Connections are made in the details. When you give brief or general answers to questions, you give off the impression that you are not interested. It’s not easy for everyone to share the details of their life, but it’s necessary when dating. Run through answering common dating questions with friends, colleagues or in the mirror until you become more comfortable. Be prepared with stories to tell. Sharing takes practice, but it’s in the sharing that you’ll connect with others.

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5. USING A MONOTONOUS TONE OF VOICE SHEN HAVING CONVERSATIONS: After body language, your tone of voice accounts for 30% of how your potential date relates to you. Adding peaks and valleys to the way you relate information makes you sound more interested in what they’re saying and in what you have to say.
This doesn’t mean to keep a high, energy-filled tone of voice throughout the date. It just means that adding variety to your tone of voice and even matching your date’s tone will make them feel more comfortable and make you more approachable.


6. BORING AND CLOSED BODY LANGUAGE: You may think that first impressions are built off of the words you say, but at least 50% of initial connections are based off of your body language. So while your mind is telling you YES… your body, your body is telling them no. Be sure to keep open body language. Face your date even if you are sitting next to each other at a bar, make sure your body is turned towards them. Keep your arms loose – don’t cross or fold them or hold them together for too long. Lean in towards your date when they speak to show just how much you’re listening to what they’re saying.

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