12 Year Old Commits Suicide So She Can See Her Dead Father



So I stumbled upon this and I found it pretty sad… Take a read:

A schoolgirl has killed herself because
she was desperate to be reunited with
her dead father in heaven. Maria Kislo,
12, was discovered hanging in her
room by her mother Monika, 35, when
she went to read her a bedtime story.
Next to the tragic youngster’s body
was a short note saying: ‘Dear Mum.
Please don’t be sad. I just miss daddy
so much, I want to see him again.’
Her doting father Arek died suddenly
in 2009 after a massive heart attack.
Distraught Ms Kislo, 35, from Leszno,
Poland, said: ‘Five years ago I lost my
husband Arek, this year my daughter. I
don’t know if I can go on, and I
wouldn’t if it was not for my son,’ she
said. ‘She didn’t seem unhappy. She
didn’t have problems at school and
she seemed a happy little girl.
‘I had no idea she missed her father so
much, she never really spoke about it,’
she added.
She called her son Michal, 13, who cut
the body down. But it was too late to
save the schoolgirl who died at the
scene. Pictures have emerged of a
smiling Maria, taken four years ago,
spending time with her beloved
father. The happy looking child had
been taken horse riding four years ago
by her father shortly before he died.

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Daily Mail.

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