Young Man Slams Lady Who Stole His Perfume After S€X



A male twitter user has taken to the platform to blast a lady who stole his perfume after s€x.


Taking to the platform, the young man shared screenshots of chats with the lady who saw his tweet, warned other ‘unsuspecting Twitter users’ to be careful of partners who feel the need to take souvenirs after fornicating.
The Nigerian man who called out a lady who stole his perfume after sex, wrote;

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That’s how I found my perfume in some peoples WCW bag , I didn’t even confront her just took my thing back. For those wondering why I was looking inside her bag na just my intuition tell me say she thief am.

This was the perfume btw it has finish now sha. Lmfao she has seen the tweet.

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Please stay away from babes and mendem that come to your house and feel the need to take souvenirs after fornicating , enjoy your Christmas one love. Smh this babe is still in my dm if I mention her now they will say Yoruba boys are scum.

Father Lord is this a test of my self control or my pettiness. This why I stopped F.ucking with Igbo babes , everyone telling me to drop her @ .. but people who know me know I’m not that kind of person .

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Please Igbo babes i love you I’m just playing love for the Igbo queens.




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