Wizkid’s Recent Tweets Proves He Is A Dead Beat Dad || See Details


Earlier, Wizkid‘s first baby mama had posted pictures showing evidence that Starboy is a deadbeat dad. Many know that Ogudu Oluwanishola has been the more quiet baby mama of all three baby mama he has, as she has not really been dragging him out on social media like the second one Binta.

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Well it seems his “hungry hoes” statement struck a nerve as it propelled Shola to finally speak out more extremely. Wizkid further proves his deadbeat dad characteristics just now on Twitter as he tweeted his response to the whole issue.

The smarter you get, the less quiet you become”, this was his first comment to the accusations

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He also tweeted “today about to be a great day

The most comical tweet he made was “Where can I get Naija food in Milan

These comments come as a shock to us. Does this really mean he is a dead beat dad?

Check his tweets below.


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