WhatsApp Web Brings Messaging To Your Desktop



WhatsApp, one of the most popular mobile messaging apps, has just announced that it is also coming to your desktop, thanks to a Chrome web client.

Rather than making a desktop app, WhatsApp Web is simply a web client, so everything is still managed by your phone, but mirrored on your desktop. That means your phone needs to have a data connection for it to work – this isn’t a replacement for the service you have on your smartphone.

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 It’s quite a change for the messaging service, meaning those who are normally tied to a desk will be able to message with ease. You’ll be able to use your normal keyboard, rather than having to reach for, unlock, and tap away on your phone each time you get a message.

What devices will WhatsApp Web work with?

You’ll have to be using Google’s Chrome browser on your computer to get WhatsApp Web, and the company points out that iOS users will miss out, because of “Apple platform limitations”. If you use WhatsApp on the iPhone, that means that, currently, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp Web.

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If you’re using WhatsApp on Android, BlackBerry or BlackBerry 10, Windows Phoneor Nokia S60, you’ll be able to sync things up with your desktop and get messaging.

Other browsers aren’t supported either, so Safari, IE or Firefox users can’t use the service.

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