I know, I know, you all miss me right. J *dodges stone* Ahan!! Okay….it’s because nothing has been posted in a while.. E ma binu. It’s not our fault…everywhere has just been dull. Plus Kenayo sold his allegiance to strictlyUI…..we’ll all get to greatness one day.

Anyway I was praying for a piece to drop out of the sky and viola!! The Ivory King and Queen competition dropped right into my lap…God is good. 😀

What’s the competition you may ask…well to summarize everything it’s a beauty pageant, for both guys and girls….. Yes I said ‘beauty pageant’, all those events where babes strut around in ‘arousing’ gowns and talk about their supposed plans to do good after graduation…..usually by ending world hunger. *yinmu* Oh…the competition is also a UI thing, part of Student Union week and is basically the main attraction. Too say the pageant is popular is an understatement but HABA!!!! The crowd I witnessed yesterday was just too much….because of why???Abi if one attends the show they’d have a guaranteed place in heaven ni???


Anyway tickets were pretty cheap, just a mere N200…keep in mind with that 200 naira one was going to see a performance by L.O.S (a good number of people didn’t know who they were. I swear IB is just a dead place! -___-). There was also a cameo appearance by Dipp (dat dude wey dey form Nigerian Omarion)…T.K.O also took to the stage…remember, he’s the guy that Muna disturbed Mode 9 about #StaleGist shey? Fimile…gist is sha gist (check previous post for the details)


Security was also tight apart from the countless bouncers that T.K.O brought *grins*….badt guy tins…there were also security guards armed with tasers/stun guns…this made for a rather shocking situation.. See what I just did there? You don’t see it? SMH. It’s not your fault…I blame your English teacher…. *avoids more stones*

You just finished reading the first part, now my partner-in-crime will handle the second part…he managed to hustle a front sit so he saw every inch of that show…*passes mic to Kenayo*



THANK YOU!!! I am still loyal to this blog jo, no mind IBK…… he is a learner!!! -_- *so mr and miss UI* I was right there *FRONT ROW CHILLING WITH MY PRESS PASS* where was I? hmmnnnn, at the beginning, there was a stage…..and so Colette came to kick start the show……as a sharp guy, me I was just staring at the hot ushers……….there was this one with mad thighs (my head was imagining all sort of things, but I prayed to God and baba took control)

So our female contesters came out to show themselves to us…….then the dudes also came to make their first appearance. Hmmmmnnn, those babes ehn…there was this one. HER THIGHS WERE MADT! I noticed my “junior” standing up !!! I said to junior, “com’on be a good boy..dont embarrass daddy” junior gradually went downnnnnn. *smiles*

The pageants walked across the stage displaying their beautiful bodies. Their tits were in different sizes, some were like water melons, others like tangerine….. well, I like tangerine-like b**bs tho *looks away, I’m a pastor jo* The dudes also came to show off their sexiness…….some tore their shirts to reveal their parks (is that the spelling?)

Saw asses in various shapes and sizes….. Thank God for creating these humans! Peteru was extremely funny…..

COMMERCIALS ; COOLS BEANS SHIRTS: follow @pabogzy to place ur orders





A lot of funny stuffs happened that night…..some contestants were really quite nervous. For example, someone was asked about her impression on the last Olympics held in England, she answered and said,”blah blah blah ladidadida..and I think the country of LONDON did great” or so sha….koko na sey she called London a country!

Another one said she was in the Faculty of PSYCHOLOGY…..*duress tho* Another one said he was in the department of 200l……….. sigh!!!

They were obviously under tension tho’ so no p :p


After a lotta events such as performance from Dammy Krane, Dipp, Dizzy, Freeze, etc etc…….

*eventually sha…..* Nancy won, and Alex  also did……  nancy had a minor accident tho…. Her iro fell while she made her appearance in her traditional attire…. Na she still win….


I have no problem with the winners….. I wish them well….. and I hope dey do well




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