Twitter To Show Most Important Tweets On Timelines


Twitter To Show Most Important Tweets On Timelines

Twitter is rolling out an algorithmically generated timeline that will show tweets out of order.

According to Twitter, the new timeline offers a better experience for users who run the risk of missing the best tweets when they are away from the service, especially if they follow a lot of accounts.

The tweets that twitter thinks people want to see will appear at the top of the timeline beginning with the most recent first. The tweets will show up after users open the app or web service and occasionally while they are using it.

After those tweets are shown, users will again see their timelines in reverse chronological order, “We think it makes life easier for users,” product manager Michelle Haq said.

The new timeline is essentially an expansion of the “while you were away” feature introduced a year ago, it will be turned on by default in coming weeks on Android, iOS, and the Web, but users can turn it off.

In coming weeks, you will see a notification in your timeline when Twitter automatically turns on the feature. It can be turned off in settings. If you want to try the new timeline, go into settings and choose “show me the best tweets first” in the timeline section.

When you open the new Twitter timeline, you will see tweets “you’re most likely to care about” at the top of your timeline in reverse chronological order, Twitter said.

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