Twitter is Paying Justin Bieber $20.9M! IN FACT TWITTER OWES US ALL


1404375_TWITTER-IPO.jpg SIRKENAYOOn thursday, Twitter (TWTR) finished its first day as a publicly traded company  with a closing price of $44.90, down from an opening trade of $45.10 but up a cool 73% from its IPO price of $26. The offering made Twitter’s founders and leaders rich. Very rich.

Now, if you’re one of the company’s 230 million users, you helped out, right? So what’s your share of the riches?

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There’s an app for that.
A nifty tool created by Time allows you to plug in any Twitter username to discover exactly how valuable your Twitter Feed is to the company. According to Time, Justin Bieber tops the list of most valuable tweeters, and is owed some $20.9 million for his prolific work on the site.

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How about one of the men who helped ring the opening bell for Twitter, beloved actor Patrick Stewart? Time’s calculator has him owed $13,631, based on his nearly 730,000 followers and Tweet rate of 0.6 tweets per day.

Pop singer Katy Perry, who averages three tweets per day and has nearly 47 million followers, looks to be owed about $4.4 million.

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I guess we are all getting paid then?

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