Twins receive 40 college acceptances from 15 different states, N288m in scholarship


Twins have received a whopping 40 college acceptance letters

– The colleges are spread across 15 different states

– These two lucky teens have also received scholarships of over N288 million Twins take to social media to celebrate with the world after they received a staggering 40 college acceptance letters from 15 different states combined.

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Akhya and Akhea Mitchell went to Troup County Comprehensive High School in LaGrange, Georgia, and reportedly earned a 4.5 GPA and 3.9 GPA respectively.

According to their viral Facebook post, the acceptances have also come with scholarships of over N288 million (about US$900,000).

It was probably not easy choosing which university to go to, as most of the 40 colleges that want to see them in their campuses are said to be highly placed in the global league table. However, the twins have decided to go to Howard University.

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