Tekno There’s more to singer’s art than one-dimensional pop tunes


The best part about listening to Tekno is that you think you know what to expect.

Listening to a Tekno song goes thus: introduce the beat which is preferably mid-tempo, with a Highlife melody and some mild synths to give it all a modern and pop feel. Tekno comes through, and works his way towards his catch-phrase in the chorus. But before the chorus, he has to wow you with inexplicable verse lines. And then the chorus drops, and it is simple.

The subject of the song is very predictable; Nine times out of ten, Tekno is all about expressing love. Whether he is pushing to claim the heart of a girl, or consolidating on his passion with poetic songwriting and expressions, he is linking all of his artistry to a woman, who sometimes is a love interest, or just a lover. He is very consistent with this.


The other one time when he isn’t singing about love, he is either just dancing his way through the beat, or throwing some conscious vibes to the public.

But the bulk of what Tekno is about as a musician is love, and he expresses it in the most colorful ways. Sometimes he compares his lover to the provision of electricity in Nigeria. Sometimes she is unsolvable like some Mathematics problems, she is unchangeable like dollar, and she loves going ‘away’ with him.

In fact, she is the greatest lover and woman that ever liveth.

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This has worked out nice. Tekno has moved from being just a talented promising act, to becoming one of the most prominent pop artist on the continent in two years. That formula has worked so well for him, thrown him on the biggest stages and given him the best deals.

There are increased calls for the singer to have provide an album or any other body of work to fully capture this time of his career.

But on evidence of what he has offered up so far, isn’t it right to say we just might have experienced the full spectrum of Tekno’s talents? Tekno found a formula that has worked magic for the culture. And he has flogged it to an inch of its life. From this point, it feels like you could sum up Tekno’s talents and project what his entire project will sound like.

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But we are hopeful. Tekno is one of those purely gifted acts who understand music, sound, and all it’s elements. He could apply himself to any genre and still kill it. He is a producer, who has had success working on some of the biggest records in the country. Such immense skill-set can produce a lot.

Tekno can produce a lot more diversity in his music. And my bets are that he is just working this particular angle because of its pop reward. The album will definitely have more.

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