Signs That Your Marital Life Is Spiritually Affected


The spirit controls the physical if the devil has blanked your life spiritually.. It will manifest physically and you will be
an empty vessels . Marriage is plan by God he delight joy in it , he instituted it.

Many singles are suffering today because their Marital life had been tempered with the so many devilish spirits who is now controlling their destiny.

Below are the symptoms that
shows your under Marital bondage

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# 1. You dream of having sex with a stranger every night
# 2. A strange man or woman appears to you in your dreams and play together and then promise each other
# 3. You always dreamed of yourself been Unclad
# 4. You can’ t maintain a relationship for just 1 year without breaking up
# 5. People resent you for no reason , you don ’ t understand why they break up with you ..
# 6 . You will start the relationship so well and along the lines it will crumble
# 7. Your parents had one timecursed you
# 8. You are always fighting in your dreams but defeated
# 9. You always experience promise and fail
# 10. No man or woman has ever accepted you in a relationship
# 11. You are always troublesome and instituting idea that drives those who love you away
# 12. You always dream feaces on your body.. Its mean rejection.
# 13. You are looking beautiful or handsome and yet you can’ t just get married and be happy .
# 14. Your attitudes is driving people away without your knowledge .
# 15. You are over 30 yrs and you cant even predict that you will marry next year.

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Don ’ t keep quiet . It’ s high time you seek for divine help .. pray your way through and God will deliver . Don ’ t think it ’ s normal it ’ s not .
Marriage counselor
Doc Adeshina

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