Sick baby Benaiah story is scam – Kemi Olunloyo


Controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has claimed the Sick Baby Benaiah story is a scam orchestrated by a syndicate to swindle Nigerians of their hard-earned money.

According to her, the video of the man with the sick child is an unauthenticated video that is not certain was shot recently and she also claimed that the man behind the viral video was an ex-convict she met in Prison in Port-Harcourt.

Read the thread as posted via her Twitter page:

What I found in the most elaborate N90M scam in Nigeria. One sick looking baby, a fake father and mother, an elaborate FB syndicate, questionable foundation, unauthenticated videos, a carefully designed media blackout and millions of Nigerians home and abroad donated cash.

THREAD My findings on # BabyBenaiah As a reputable investigative journalist of 25 yrs, I concluded the case as a well orchestrated scam with N90M raised. Our people are constantly mentally enslaved doling out their life’s savings to a questionable unverified claim of a sick baby.

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Nigerians saw # BabyBeniah in an unauthenticated viral video with no date or specific location and it got their attention and compassion to donate for this allegedly sick boy.

They accepted an unverified diagnosis and started donating into a Go Fund Me and a Diamond bank account
I called several colleagues at TV, Radio and print media houses on why there was a media blackout on the story.

Many told me that it appeared to be an unverifiable story as the first line party in the story refused to respond to media.

KBK’s online avoidance of media
KBK online according to a US govt Spokeswoman is among several NGO’s that don’t register under 501c3 to get tax exempt status because they may be serving Communities outside the US and many tend to prey on people needing funds raised.

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They do it as a contingency fee.
A Diamond Bank source told me the account has seen close to N100M deposited in it in the last 7 days including an amount disbursed from the @ gofundme fundraiser.

The amount KBK Online raised did not all enter Diamond bank. There was a disagreement with parties.

OAP Daddy Freeze has no idea how everyone was hired to take a role in this syndicate called an elaborate scam. He helped them raise money, made a call to Monday.

Freeze used antipastor sentiments to raise them money after man said Salvation Ministries gave only 20k

Lexy is a prisoner I met in # PHMax in the case of Chioma (Facebook Girl) an inmate on my side. That is NOT his real name.

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They have all gone into hiding now possibly out of the country with your N100M. He posted this fake picture yesterday and fake records.

Journalist Kemi Olun
Replying to @HNNAfric
#BabyBenaiah OAP Da idea how everyone was role in this syndicate ca scam. He helped them r made a call to Monday. antipastor sentiments t money after man said S Ministries gave only 20j

Journalist Kemi Olunl
My findings on #BabyBenaiah
As a reputable investigative journalis 25 yrs, I concluded the case as a wel orchestrated scam with N90M raised Our people are constantly mentally enslaved doling out their life’s savin a questionable unverified claim of a baby

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