Relationship mistakes that are just as bad as cheating


There are some really bad-ass relationship mistakes that saying ‘sorry’ just can’t fix! You think cheating is selfish? inhumane?

Heartless? Right. Well, the truth is there are certain relationship mistakes that are just as cruel as cheating on your partner.

Holding back on intimacy
Doling out show of affection and intimacy to your partner in meager amounts or refraining from it completely screams infidelity and disloyalty to your partner even when you aren’t cheating on him.

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Relationship experts opine that being physically and emotionally unavailable in a relationship is just as bad as cheating on your partner.

Staying together just for convenience
Are you in the middle of an affair that is more like cohabiting with a total stranger but you get to hold on to whatever is left because of your kids or you’re scared of what people would say?

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News flash! You might end up on the losing end sooner or later due to the resentment and bitterness that is sure to fester in that love-lost relationship.

Giving up on your relationship
The secret of every long-standing love affair is two partners dedicated to sticking to each other through thick and thin. Great relationships take time and effort on the part of you and your significant other, it requires some sacrifices, some compromises here and there; nothing stings than not fighting for your love.

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