R. Kelly Denies that His Tour Dates Have Been Canceled Over s3x Scandal

R. Kelly Denies Cancelling Tour Dates over s3x Slave Scandal

R. Kelly is struggling so hard to keep up a positive outlook no matter the grievous allegations piled up against him.

In a new statement to fans, the Grammy Award-winning singer addressed claims that any of his tour dates has been cancelled, calling them fake news.

I want everybody around the world to know, ain’t no tours canceled, man,” the 50-year-old singer said. “All right, despite what you hear, don’t believe the hype. I haven’t canceled not one show. All right, I’m ready to get it in tonight.”

This comes days after a report made rounds that the singer’s team pulled the plug on some of the venues which include Los Angeles, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, leaving only six shows on his tour schedule. Sources close to R. Kelly’s team alleged that this decision was because people are no longer buying the tickets following the grievous allegations of s3xual abuse and kidnapping against him.

Only two days ago, family of his alleged s3x slave, Jocelyn Savage, hired lawyers to rescue her from the singer’s clutches. No lawsuit has been filed against the singer yet due to lack of evidence, plus Savage made a video saying she was ‘fine’ wherever she was.

Will R. Kelly, who had admitted that his family has a generational s3xual offences curse, be dragged to a law court eventually? We wait.

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