[PICS] GHEN GHEN! So this Watch can calculate how long u have left to Live


If you’re worried about what your lifestyle may be doing to your health, then a new – albeit very morbid gadget – gadget claims to help.

A Swedish inventor has designed a watch that apparently calculates a person’s life expectancy – and even counts down to the time they will die.
Dubbed the ‘death watch’, Tikker was created by Fredrik Colting.

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To set up Tikker, the wearer fills out a questionnaire by entering information about their medical history, including allergies or illnesses. They are also asked whether they drink or smoke and if there are any instances of cancer, diabetes and other diseases in their family.

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Wearers are additionally asked about how much exercise they do, as well as how much they weigh before receiving a score. Their age is deducted from the results to predict a death date and the Tikker begins the countdown.

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