[PICS] 50 cent is Currently Roasting TF out of Meek Mill on Instagram


All these are photos rapper 50cent has on his IG page right now of Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend,  Meek Mill.





And how did it all start?

Yesterday, Meek Mill dropped a surprise 4-song EP, aptly titled 4/4, to Soundcloud, that includes a song called “Gave ‘Em Hope.” in which he dissed 50cent, said 50 was a snitch and that he isn’t financially savvy like his friend, Floyd Mayweather.

Meek pointed out that he got Nicki Minaj, who is one of the baddest to ever come from 50’s hood, South Jamaica.

Well, today in classic 50 Cent fashion, the G-Unit boss took to Instagram to unleash a series of memes and comedic clips firing back at Meek, calling the Philadelphia rapper “retarded for going at him.


Meek Mill fires back at 50 Cent.


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