[PIC] Kylie Jenner Engaged To Tyga? Kylie Spotted Wearing A Diamond Ring On Her “Engagement” Finger


Kylie Jenner has been spotted with a piece of jewelry on a very important finger. We doubt it’s a purity ring, so has her relationship with Tyga actually gone to the next level?

The two were spotted leaving LAX at the same time, separately, when the gem caught people’s eye. The 17-year-old was seen with a similar ring on her ring finger last year, but it’s getting more attention this time around thanks to all the rumors.

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The two have been staying hush-hush about their relationship — especially Tyga, who denies it altogether — despite Kanye West telling the world they’re in love. Sources say it’s just a “friendship ring.” Is that what the kids call it these days? For a couple who is trying to keep their relationship status under wraps, this isn’t exactly subtle. Stay tuned for more details:

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Photo Credit: Splash News]

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