Peteru returns with Peteru Unleashed 4: The Election


Peteru Unleashed Event, a masterpiece of the ever rising comedian, Peteru, will be held for the fourth year running on the 24th of February, 2019.

The previous event witnessed an award ceremony for the late Gbenga Adeboye (Funwontan) where his beautiful daughter Damilola Adeboye was opportune to be recipient of gifts from  notable individuals in the society.

 This year’s event will feature a mix of comedy and music provided by the best in the entertainment industry the city and country at large has to offer.

Speaking on the event, said: “Someone asked me what’s different about my show… I told him every show has it’s particular target audience.

“Peteru Unleashed: The Election is a celebration of Peteru’s Birthday as usual and of course the kick start of all other entertainment events in the city of Ibadan. 

It’s an election year as well, hence the theme: The Election !

Peteru Unleashed will hold at Muave 21 Event center, Ibadan.

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