Nigerian transgender Noni Salma shares lingerie photos; says she’s a proud transgender


Nigerian transgender Noni Salma pictured below used to be a Lagos-based Nigerian entertainment journalist. Then he was known as Habeeb Babatunde Lawal.

Not until he left Nigeria, became a filmmaker and transformed into a transgender, now known as Noni Salma Lawal. She has shared new photos and gushed about her joy at transitioning into womanhood.

According to Noni, everyday she wakes up, she is grateful for seeing the light to her true self as a trans and for answering it. Noni wrote on her IG page:

Trans day of visibility. Everyday I wake up, I am grateful for seeing the light and for answering it. For the gift of courage to be in spite of what was at stake. 

No one really fully understands like a trans person, the dysphoria and the disconnect
between our true being and what the world thrusts on us. 

I remember the first two months of transition. Stepping out of the door was hard. Going out and facing the world was even harder. I was able to prevail and get to the point where I’m more comfortable. 

I don’t hide my transness and I don’t ever intend to. I am proud of my journey and my path to womanhood. Every time I see a trans person online or in person I feel this happiness. Because we aren’t going to live low. We are living and living in bold colors. 

This is a journey of a lifetime and I’m glad to be living it. Thanks to the friends who support me, even the ones online. Your support and love is all the affirmation I need when it gets tough. And it does get tough. But it is worth it. Living my authentic self is worth it. #transdayofvisibility #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #

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