[MUST READ] Tips to overcome being insecure and clingy in a Relationship


106926-104567The fastest way to send your relationship down the road is to smother your partner with clinginess and

low self-esteem. Are you the type that think constant affection and adoration from you partner is all you need to feel good about yourself?

Do not let insecurities and clingy habits falter your beautiful relationship

Take up other priorities: There are tons of things you can do to make yourself busy to give your partner some space, know that your partner also has a life to live and when he/she is not available to be with you or to talk to you, it’s not a sign that he/she doesn’t care about you.

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Moderate the texting limit: you are so in love that you could sit on your phone all day chatting and texting with your partner, but the truth is life and love goes beyond that, flooding your partners phone with messages all day long can get boring sethourly texting limit and keep your calls short It’ll make him/her miss you more.

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  • Stop acting suspicious: guys/girls can smell your insecurity when you constantly suspect them sniffing his underwear each time he comes home, snooping on his phone, and getting worked up whenever you see them with another female. If you notice anything out of place is better to talk about it.

  • Keep your expectations realistic: How possible is it for your partner to update you about their life and activity every hour or so? Respect their space everyone needs some quiet time to get away from it all.

  • Don’t stalk him online: do your own thing, your partner has friends to catch up with and should be free to socialize. Don’t spent hours going through all posts on social media, you want make sure he/ she is not having over friendly chats with the opposite sex, such habit shows signs of insecurity.

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