[MUST READ] 10 things only guys with smart girlfriends will understand


Geek-GirlonphoneflyingTruth be told, dating a smart girl has lots of advantages if you aren’t intimidated by them at first. You feel like someone has got your back which means you are completely covered. All you have to do is prepare towards

the future.

According to Life Hack, here are things you experience with a girlfriend who is smart:

1. Confidence is her middle name: She can fall back on her intelligence and isn’t scared to tell the world what she feels about a certain issue. She can always fight for and with her man when the situation calls for it.

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2. She wants to be the best: She doesn’t settle for average, never idle, always heading for the peak and knows how to pick herself up when she fails.

3. You can depend on her: She sticks to her word, so when she assures you of something, you have her undivided attention.

4. She treats her money right: She isnt crazy about money and looks for resourceful ways and tools to utilize her finances.

5. She’s not unstable: In relationships, she works to get the best out of it. The words Yes and No are carefully used by her when dealing with people and life issues.

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6. She’s very resourceful: She uses her knowledge to get what she wants. Very proactive and uses her resources to improve herself and everyone else around her.

7. She doesn’t develop cold feet towards kids or the elderly:Doesn’t matter which age groups she  comes across, the smart girl knows how to make them feel comfortable and relate without developing cold feet.

8. She knows what she’s worth: A smart girl respects herself and everyone she comes into contact with. She dresses well and is fluent in her communication skills. There’s just something about her that commands respect.

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9. Her opinions are totally hers: She’s really opinionated on every subject and know when to voice them out.

10. She’s good at crisis management: She’s one of the people who gets going when the going gets tough. She builds on her strengths, minimizes her weaknesses to get out of the toughest situations.


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