Man Who Wife Dumped Cos He Was Too Fat, Hits The Gym for Revenge Body, See How he look Now (Photos)


A man whose waist was just seven inches less than his height has lost an incredible 16st after his marriage collapsed – because he was too big for sex.

Stephen Ringo, 38, blames his struggle with obesity for ruining his relationship after his waist expanded to 60 inches when he was just 67 inches (5ft 7ins) tall.

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The software engineer was once a superfit power lifter in high school and college but his weight ballooned thanks to his love of lunchtime Big Macs and pizza dinners.

Stephen, of Johnson City, Tennessee, was so large he struggled to put on his socks, and the extra pounds drove his sex drive “into the ground”.

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The IT expert said his body issues deeply affected his confidence and wore away at his marriage until he got divorced in 2016.

He said the end of his relationship forced him to re-evaluate his health, which saw him tipping the scales at 29 stone in January 2016.

Stephen curbed his fast food addiction and returned to his power-lifting roots in October 2016, shedding an incredible 16 stone in just two years.

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The super slimmer said: “It’s fair to say that my weight ruined my marriage.

“It was the single biggest factor.

“My relationship with my wife deteriorated as my weight crept up.

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