Lil Xan Challenges Goons Who Robbed YBN Almighty Jay


Lil Xan is pissed that YBN Almighty was jumped, beaten and de-chained on the streets of NYC.

So he recorded a message to the goons who sent Almighty to the hospital without his jewelry.

“All you broke ass boys stealing chains, f****** with my homies, f*** y’ll … if you steal a chain, you’re broke. Jumping people? That’s not cool. How about you do a one on one fight? Seriously. Do it like that. But you gotta have all your homeboys to make you feel cool,” Xan said.

Then Xan, who once needed the police to save from a bunch of suburban high school 2Pac fans and also notoriously lost a fight to a Flamin Hot Cheeto, issued a challenge to any would-be chain-snatcher.

“I’m going to get a chain. And guess what? Nobody’s gonna get that s*** off me. Try me, when I get my chain,” Xan said.
This isn’t going to end well for Xan.

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