Lil Xan Challenges Goons Who Robbed YBN Almighty Jay


Lil Xan is pissed that YBN Almighty was jumped, beaten and de-chained on the streets of NYC.

So he recorded a message to the goons who sent Almighty to the hospital without his jewelry.

“All you broke ass boys stealing chains, f****** with my homies, f*** y’ll … if you steal a chain, you’re broke. Jumping people? That’s not cool. How about you do a one on one fight? Seriously. Do it like that. But you gotta have all your homeboys to make you feel cool,” Xan said.

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Then Xan, who once needed the police to save from a bunch of suburban high school 2Pac fans and also notoriously lost a fight to a Flamin Hot Cheeto, issued a challenge to any would-be chain-snatcher.

“I’m going to get a chain. And guess what? Nobody’s gonna get that s*** off me. Try me, when I get my chain,” Xan said.
This isn’t going to end well for Xan.

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