Kiki Osinbajo Meets Vicious Troll in Person, and Here’s How it All Went Down



There is popular street slang that reminds trolls to “have the same energy” for when they meet their victims in person, and this situation is exactly what happened to one of the Instagram users who enjoy trolling Kiki Osinbanjo on social media.

According to the daughter of the Vice President, she recently ran into a troll who suddenly had kind things to say about her, and she didn’t fail to remind this person of how their activities online.

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“I said, ‘oh yeah I know the name, you insulted me on Instagram’, and her facial expression was priceless,” said Kiki, who further added that troll “apologized and said she doesn’t know what came over her.”

“It was confusing to me because she did not keep the same energy she used in insulting me,” the Vice President daughter continued, however, added that she resolved the issue with this woman.
“I’ve forgiven her,” she adde

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