Journeys of a Bloody Fresher! (series ONE)


It’s been long you saw me….some say that I have dddiiiiiieeeeeddddddd…….but don’t join them ooo na stooooorrryyyy *Wande Coal voice*
For my mind I have just made one MAD introduction like that, it’s not my fault…it’s those of you that enjoy reading this blog, you’re the ones making my head swell, I love you all…YES ESPECIALLY YOU!! *blows kisses* (Please dodge my kiss if you’re a guy). Don’t worry one day one lucky viewer shall be taken on an all expenses paid trip to KFC by me!!! Just keep reading, ibkdreams will soon hammer, say AMEN!
For today’s post I’ve decided to bore you with a story from my life..WAIT WAIT! Don’t leave, I’ll add jara to make it interesting, don’t worry.
We can all agree that in life one of the most interesting parts or phases are those spent in university…you know the freedom, parties, the nights at Kenneth Dike Library (if you’re a UI student you know what I’m talking about :D)…P.S., I’m a saint ooo, nobody should come and tackle me, it’s stories I’ve heard, you know, there are different styles of “reading”. My point….is apart from books, college is meant to be fun, especially for a little fresher like me running up and down my sometimes daft campus. Anyway last week I and a couple of my friends decided to have a kind of “guys night out.” A set of course results had just been released: boys (and girls) were not smiling and we were determined to brighten up our day. So that night I and like seven other friends, packed up the cigarettes, gathered as much money as we could and headed for the cheapest place possible. Yes, we wanted fun, but at an awoof price! Our fathers are not Dangote or Soludo!
After walking on a stretch of road which had a church, mosque and library (weird right) we finally got to our destination ‘Spices’….or like I usually call it, “That tush buka”. Now like I implied earlier, I’m an innocent child (don’t roll your eyes at me jare :P), drinking has never been my thing, neither smoking but I wanted to catch trips with my guys.
We got to Spices, sat down and soon enough the good times…and drinks started to roll. I jejely found my square root with my water and suya… After a few bottles and sticks of heske, a couple of the boys started getting high…but never so high as to forget twitter… Like da fuq…this dude could barely walk a straight line, but he had the sense to tweet…o_O. Anyway after an hour or so guys decided enough fun had been caught and it was time to retire for the night…A.K.A. OWO TI TAN.
We left Spices with the intention of walking back to our dorms, a couple of the boys needed the cool breeze (and a bottle of cold water to the head) to return to normal. Even though the buka was a stone’s throw away, I found out that in that short distance, a guy can almost be hit by a car about three different times… Shineke!!! See the dangers of drinking and walking. Hell, why in the world were cars on the road? It was about 12 in the night for goodness sake!!….that question was rhetorical by the way…*ignores cold stare*
My roommate was strolling and sipping Aquadana, he had earlier taken a concoction of Smirnoff, Star, basically whatever other alcoholic substance that was on our table and orange juice. And at that point in time he was… guys would put it….FEELING ALRIGHT.
Soon enough we started to part ways, I and my roommate stopping at our hall, leaving the boys to continue to their various destinations. One of my friends got on a bike for a babe’s BQ. Smh…as if we weren’t entertainment enough. Anyway I don’t blame him, it’s because none of us had yansh *sigh*. I later learnt that two of the dude’s didn’t make it to their halls….sleep caught them and they snoozed on the road (O_O). And boys will ask me why I don’t drink, it’s because tar and concrete is NOT comfortable to sleep on!!!
All in all, it was a good night, certainly not doing that again for a couple more Fridays. Missed my faculty dinner though, but it was fun. One of the dude’s was high at Spices while his babe was at the dinner collecting an award on their behalf. *swallows hard* Not seen him since that night, don’t think he’ll ever miss a dinner again as long as she lives. 😀

Okay, I’m done, you can stop reading now.

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