Iyanya dissociates himself from all tweets and messages shared on his twitter handle and facebook page


Singer Iyanyan today issued a statement on his IG page dissociating himself from all tweets and messages posted on his twitter and Facebook pages, particularly tweets or messages saying he will be attending any concert. He says he has not been in control of the social media platforms. What he wrote after the cut…

My attention has been drawn to recent tweets, posts and activities on my Twitter (@iyanya) and Facebook (@iyanya) accounts. This is to inform members of the Public that I have not been in control of either my Twitter (@iyanya) and Facebook (@iyanya) accounts in the past three months. I hereby disclaim any activities expressed or implied for any particular purpose from these social media platforms and shall in no event be held liable for any actions taken or inactions in reliance on these posts, tweets or retweets, particularly those in respect of an alleged upcoming concert – “Symphony of Iyanya” scheduled for October 2016 in Lagos, or any other events or activities. I kindly urge my fans and members of the public to disregard any activities carried out on these social media platforms in the past three months till date and to solely rely on my Instagram account (@Iyanya) for the time being. I further assure you all that requisite measures are being taken to recover the control of these accounts and you will be informed as soon as I recover control of the said accounts.

Thank you for your support and corporation. Iyanya mbuk”.

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