Iggy Azalea – Savior Ft. Quavo

Iggy Azalea Savior

Iggy Azalea Savior

Iggy Azalea is out with a brand new single titled ‘Savior’ featuring One of the Migos Gang Member , Quavo. The Australian rapper spits, “Wonder if you even notice Lately I been feelin’ hopeless/Easy to lose focus But I’ll wait for ya, wait for ya.” An auto-tuned Quavo quickly follows Iggy, crooning, “I’ve been looking for a savior I’ve been looking for a savior.

While it’s uncertain if “Savior” will appear on Iggy’s upcoming album, the rapper did reveal her project would be going by a new name. When asked in November if the album was still called Digital Distortion, Iggy said “nope” and added, “It’s surviving the summer.


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