I Never Apologized To Bode George, He is a Liar – Bola Tinubu


In an interview with Sunday Punch, PDP Chieftain and ex-convict, Bode George said Tinubu apologized to him at Alhaji Abdul-Azeez Arisekola-Alao burial in Ibadan.

Bola released a statement through his media aide, Sunday Dare. Tinubu said they met at the event but he didn’t apologize.

Read the statement below:

“I don’t know when and how I ever offended Mr. George. I have never wronged the man or even thought of it. I sought no forgiveness because no forgiveness was needed.

Mr. George claims the alleged apology was made at the burial of Chief Alao-Arisekola. On that date, personalities such as Oba Otudeko and Governor Ajimobi approached me because I did not greet Mr. George initially. They pleaded that, in the memory of the man we were all gathered to honour, I should greet Mr.
George. At their request, I turned back and came to greet him by saying ’Good Afternoon Egbon (senior).’ That was all.
“If Mr. George wishes to interpret that as an apology, he has the right to do so. I also have the right to state categorically that no apology was made or even intended.”

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“Mr. George seeks to imbue me with more power than I could possibly have. I am flattered but in all humility I must protest the false assessment. If he can remember, the government of the day was that of the PDP.

I have never had or sought much influence in those circles. He was charged by the government ruled by his own party for an offence concerning financial irregularities at the Nigeria Port Authority, an appointment he received from that same government.

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It is an incredible tale indeed to state that somehow I could direct a party that tried to dismantle the progressive political structure of my party to bring down one of its key members.

The more plausible explanation for his legal tribulation was that a member of his own cabal blew the whistle on Mr. George’s antics for reasons that only he and that person truly know. The rest is now history.”

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