I need to lose my V!rg!n!ty – Lady says on Instagram



A Kenyan slay queen causes a stir on social media as she says she needs to lose my V!rg!n!ty as caption of a hot photo she uploaded on Instagram .

The lady who goes by the name, Shay Evah, who claimed to be half-Kenyan and half-Tanzanian looks more like a model and most of her photos she uploaded on the App seem to be ones taken in exotic places and quite provocative.

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But she seemed to have courted a little bit of controversy when she captioned one of her photos:
I Just Feel Like I Need To Lose My V!rg!n!ty


Si Kwa Mshepu Huo
Sema Kanenepa Sijui Kunani
Her followers, however refused to believe she is a virgin and one even commented that she must have lost her V!rg!n!ty since she was 12.

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