Hotel Guest Filmed ‘Performing Sex Act’ Right Next To A Window (Photos)



A man was spotted performing a sex act in a hotel window in central London. Onlookers were shocked when they noticed the Nakked man standing in the window of the Carlton Hotel in Kings Cross, London, on December 30.

He than began touching himself – oblivious to the commuters who were passing by below on a busy Saturday night at around 8pm.
One group of football fans who had been to see Millwall vs Nottingham Forest game can be heard saying ”No way, he hasn’t realised surely.”

The bizarre scene was captured by a Forest supporter who joked: ”The away day to London turned out a little different than expected.”

The man in the video is believed to have been a guest at the hotel, where double rooms cost around £50 for the night.

A spokesman for the hotel today said that nobody had reported the incident to them.

They said: ”This is the first we’ve heard about it. Obviously we’re shocked. There’s not a lot we can do once guests are in there room though.

”It doesn’t sound like a regular customer and we’d have difficulty tracing the person. It’s D!sgust!ng and shocking.”

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