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In the beginning, God created Adam and then he made Eve. You know the rest of the story. The main essence of the creation of both creatures is for them to be companions and LOVE one another. What is love though? Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. It can also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one’s self or animals.
*If you follow this blog often you will discover I am using a different style today, I usually use casual and informal words. I think I am trying to see what people’s reaction will be towards this new development*

I was talking about LOVE before I took that little break.
Love could be killing I guess (you will understand me by the time you are done reading this)
Now to why I am here today; it was made known to the general public by Awolowo Hall boys on the 3rd day of November, in the University of Ibadan: The first and the best, as the slogan reads that a certain young lady whose name I will choose not to disclose because I have a REPUTATION to protect decided to drink HYPO some days ago*
I don’t stay in that hall though. My “Blackberry messenger” is blessed with many contacts from almost everywhere: some I know, some I don’t know. Fortunately for me, there are time I need not watch soccer matches because I will always get the gist on the “BBM UPDATES.”

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“BREAKING NEWS: mumu awoite drinks hypo coz of a guy 😐 😐 😐 d bolo is on her way 2 UCH” That was one of my contacts “Personal message” on her BBM.

The girl’s name I will not say. But the reason for drinking the “Hypo” is going to be voiced to you all. She drank two sachets
of hypo between.
*Girl goes to see her boy friend, boy friend tells girl he is no longer interested in girl. Girl goes back to her hall and buys Lacasera which she carefully mixes with Hypo as if she was doing Acid-Base titration*


The boy’s name I can tell you though; His name is SAMUEL; he’s in the Department of Human Kinetics, Level Unknown. 🙂 and he’s an Awoite just like the girl.

The girl is in the University College Hospital (UCH)
I wish her speedy recovery as I don’t blame her for being STUPID AND DUMB. Love is meant to be that big. But then, ask yourself this when you recover from these:
-Lets say your enemy dies, will Samuel not date “freshers” like you next session?.
-How will Samuel’s break up with you add to your GP or affect it?
-Did daddy and mommy send you to UI to come and fall in love?
-Will daddy and mommy be proud of you now that you have decided to leave them and your siblings and relatives because of a male?

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But seriously, young lady! There are fresh dudes out there, probably fresher than Sammie. There are many “fishes” in the ocean. In an institution of over six thousand males???
GOOD NIGHT……if you are reading this in the morning BUENOS DIAS! 🙂

*so to you guys that follow this blog well. How did the new me go?* Did I blow too much English? Did it kill the fun? And to the young man that asked me for an article ASAP when I was walking on the road this afternoon before the Arsenal game; consider this the response to your request.


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  1. More info: The gal as bin in luff wif d boi even b4 dey strtd datin nd den wen dey strtd datin sef she stil ad a bf wich she laer brk up wif…nd afta afta evrytin d babe reali fell in love nd she hpnd 2 sacrific evrytin 4 dis guy nd he hpnd 2 nt lik ha @ all.
    Den he did brk up wif ha nd she. Did threaten to kill haslf buh instd he sent ha out of iz room nd den she laer left 4 d bursry nd bought lacasera nd hypo (2schtz) nd she was tlkin wif 2 Cblckz nd she tld em she was gona mix nd drink nd dey thought she was jokin den na so d babe mix am nd she drnk it sharp sharp…d babz momsi sef dey 4 clinic she don get health isuz b4 nau o nd dis mawin d boi com pack iz bagz go lag o

  2. Hahah! Leave her naw, If she doesnt kill herself, Who will? … Buh cement wud av work faster..+ now she made d foolish fool a Super star..

  3. Hypo wld make her intestines white as snow….hahahahaha…its all for love tho…but d brkup myt ђåvε affected her so much…it cld affect her gp too sha…but not to try to kill yaself….in short she is a mumu gehl…i need to talk to her sef

  4. na wa ooo…u dnt av 2 du ds,a dsgrace 2 ladieshood.Cum nd dat me na,am even fresher dan samuel..loool… Greatest Uites @ishow_dot on twitter

  5. Wow.. Things we do for love.. I really hope sam was worth it.. Anyways, I’m pretty sure she is a teen.. BTW, there are better & faster ways to die dear, like mixing ‘that’ lacasera with rat poison etc.. Йą the only place she take fuck up be that..

  6. Luv ma foot…shez a vewi stupid gurl…ow cn she try 2 kil hasef cuz of a guy dah dosnt luv ha…wen nterin a relationship at a young age u dunt xpect it 2 last til marriage..1 must olwaiz b readi 4 brk-ups xo dah wen dae hapen..u luk at it az a normal tin n mov on…shez a disgrace 2 gurlhood…

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