FLASHBACK: We will burn Nigeria to the ground – Nnamdi Kanu (video)


– Nnamdi Kanu has vowed to achieve Biafra by all means possible

– As director of Radio Biafra he vowed that they would not relent in their quest

– He also blamed the Yorubas whom he described as deceitful A video has emerged of the leader of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu vowing that Biafra will be achieved even if it requires the use of violence.


Kano was the director of Radio Biafra before his arrest and incarceration and had used the radio to pursuer the Biafra course.

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In the video, Kanu insisted that they would achieve Biafra with any means available even if it means the use of violence.

He also vowed that Nigeria will be burned to the ground and also took a swipe at the Yorubas who he accused of deceit.

“We have not begged anyone to support us. Nobody can stop us. We are unstoppable. Our enemies know this. That’s why they keep fasting and praying.

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I am praying to God that as soon as they kneel down to pray, let them die from there.

“We are mobilising and sensitizing our people to undo the 56 years of Yoruba lies and deceit.”

“Yorubas told people from Anioma that they are Bendel Igbo. Now there is Delta Igbo, Niger Delta.

” Since his release from prison on bail, Kanu has however soften his tone on the threat of violence against the government advocating for a non-violent approach towards the actualisation of Biafra.

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He said while in prison, he had a lot of introspection and became more prayerful and to ponder extensively on the best way to get Biafra in the quickest possible time.


The Biafra leader said the agitation will continue to be peaceful but that the direction will change if they are attacked.

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