Entertainers Can Curb Drug Abuse – Saidi Balogun


Entertainers Can Curb Drug Abuse – Saidi Balogun
Actor, Saidi Balogun, believes that entertainers have the power to curb drug abuse and other social vices in society.

The actor recently partnered with a foundation, Trauma Savers Life Support Foundation, to preach against drug abuse in schools across Lagos State.

On why he decided to work with the foundation, Balogun said, “I did a movie titled, Scourge, and it was targeted at drug abuse. When the foundation approached me, I saw that they had purpose.

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Whatever I want to do, I follow standards. We went to a school in Jibowu, Yaba, during the week and a lot of items were given to the students.”

Though it is widely believed that movies and music largely promote drug abuse, Balogun said a balance can be drawn. “The president of the foundation, Yinka Olaiya, knows this and that is why she decided to involve celebrities in the fight against drug abuse.

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