Driver H@cks Into Restaurant Wifi System, Plays P0rn On TV (Photos)


Customers dining at a restaurant in central China were treated to some unexpected entertainment when one of the eatery’s television monitors started playing a P0rnographic video.

Embarrassed waiters at the Haidilao restaurant in Wuhan, Hubei province scrambled to switch off the screen, which was originally playing advertisements of the hot pot chain.

Following investigations, local police said on Friday a man was arrested over the incident. The 28-year-old suspect, surnamed Liang, intentionally H@cked into the restaurant’s WiFi system and broadcast the explicit content last Saturday.

A photo of the screen showing the P0rnographic video has been widely shared on Chinese social media, with the trending topic ‘Haidilao TV broadcasts obscene video’ viewed nearly four million times on Weibo.

The video was shown to stunned patrons for several minutes, according to Chutian Metropolitan Daily.

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