‘D’banj Has NO Talent’- Eedris Abdulkareem Obliterates D’banj’s Career (WATCH)

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Image: D’banj/Twitter

Eedris Abdulkareem is still spitting venom on Nigerian singers, and this time he has targeted D’banj.

In a new interview with Goldmyne, the rapper who has been out of the spotlight for so long gave solicited opinions on how he thinks the industry has fared, his beef with Don Jazzy, and of course, he roasted D’banj.

Asked what he thinks of Don Jazzy, the rapper said, “I love him, and you know why I love him? He has a drive. The biggest mistake someone like D’banj made was to be so stupid and leave Don Jazzy. You know why? D’banj nor get talent. Na razzmatazz he get.”

The rapper continued, “Don Jazzy has the technical backup to produce D’banj and make him sound very nice. I love [Don Jazzy] for that.”

However, Eedris noted why he had previously beefed with the Mavin boss, saying: “[Don Jazzy] told Modenine say ‘if you are a rapper, your father will not be proud of you’, forgetting that it was the rappers that actually opened the way. That’s where I had problem with Don Jazzy. Any other thing–he has done very well, he has encourage boys, and I appreciate him for that because he is a very very good person.”

Back to D’banj: this is not the first time folks would be dismissing the singer’s career. Only days ago, the Confidential crooner was fighting with folks on social media after they asked him to quit music.

“You are talking trash,” D’banj said, and went on to drag the trolls.

Well, Eedris has said his piece; will the singer respond? We wait.

See the clip:

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